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What Is the Simplest Way to Make True False Quiz?

True-or-false question is a use way for teacher to challenge your students' skill. It is widely applied in various subjects like English reading exercise, chemistry, math and so on. Create your own activities or adapt suggested activities to your class level. Make the answers as specific or general as you see fit to help your students improve their studying. Also, it can improve their memories a lot.

For a teacher or a trainer, learn some basic knowledge skill of how to make true false quiz is very important. Test Maker is a nice program which makes it easy to create professional and custom Flash-based quizzes & surveys with ease. You can share quizzes & surveys in Flash, EXE, SCORM pack, Word, Excel, etc. After creating test, you can track results with E-mail, LMS, and QuizCreator Online to get insightful reports. There are 5 publishing options for you to choose according to your needs.

OK, let's see check how it work for us to found true-false question quiz.

Tutorial: How to Personalize True-or-false Question Test?

Free download and install this software to your computer. And then prepare all materials for the question test well.

Run it by clicking the shortcut links of your desktop. Select "Create a New Quiz" to create a new test file. Then you can see a screen below, just choose the "True/False" mode.

Tips: This software allows you to create quiz on Office Word document and Excel.

run true or false question quiz

Enter question in the question text field. With the powerful editing features, you can easily insert text, images, equations, hyperlinks and edit fonts in the question in the text field. And you can insert some hidden note as the extra instruction for this question. If you like, you may add audio or video files into the quiz.

input qustion and choice for the test

You may provide some interactive feedback to quiz takers when they answer the question. Select feedback type from the drop-down list in the Feedback group. To make it a decent test, there are some properties such as passing rate, points, time limit and more properties that can be set to the question.

set feedback and properties for your true or false test

At last, click "OK" to save the question and close the Question Editing window. Or you may click on the New Question button to save the current question and create another Multiple Choice question.

Bingo! Don't you think it is very easy and funny? Just come on to free download it to make a try.

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