How to Create Vocabulary Test?

Do you want to create vocabulary quiz to test your students or your own children? If you once have the plan to make a vocabulary test but have no idea how to do, then you'd better not miss this article. After reading through this page, you can find a helpful Vocabulary Test Maker which brings great convenience for you to make own vocabulary test in a quick way.

The Test Maker developed by Wondershare really offers users an entire solution to create different types of test with ease. As a professional test creating software, this app empowers users the ability to tailor questions from a variety of question/answer formats to publish online. So once you want to create vocabulary test, this software would be your good assistant.

Now free download this great test making software, you are able to start creating vocabulary test as described below!

Tips: This software also supports you to generate a survey from different question types with ease.

How to Make Vocabulary Quiz with Ease?

Step 1: Install and start the Vocabulary Test Maker you've got. Directly hit the "Create a New Quiz" option from the pop-up screen to get prepared for vocabulary test creation.

vocabulary test maker

Step 2: From the list in the left panel, you can find several question types. Just click on the ones you want to use for creating own vocabulary test. Once you have chosen a type of question, you can then enter your question and corresponding answers in the proper area to create vocabulary test.

Tip: Please remember marking the correct answers in the Correct column once you've finished typing the answers. You can simply make multiple choice test for the vocabulary quiz.

create vocabulary test

Step 3: You can also make an interactive feedback to the test taker for each question. You only need to go to the Feedback group at the bottom to do it.

how to make vocabulary quiz question feedback

Step 4: Finally, you only need hit OK to save your question and close the Question Editing window. And you can also keep on creating questions for your vocabulary test by clicking "New Question" button at the bottom of the feedback.

Ok, that's all. If you want, you can also let this program send you the quiz results by Email Tracking, LMS Tracking or QuizCreator Online tracking. Sounds excellent? Just have a shot on this helpful Quiz Creator now!